What Do We Offer You?


For years, we have worked together successfully on behalf of general planners and project developers, as well as agencies in the field of communication and experience design.

  1. -Analysis: Analysis of Architecture, Target Group, Content and Benchmark

  2. -Idea Development: Workshop with different Creative Methods

  3. -Leitmotif: Development of different conceptual ideas, Definition of Leitmotif

  4. -Content Development: Development of messages and spatial dramaturgy

  5. -Spatial Program: calculation of visitor volume, Space requirement and visitor guidance

  6. -Spatial Experience: First approaches to graphics, sound, light, media, etc

  7. -Format Development: Exhibition, Comminication, Presentation und Game Formats

  8. -Dramaturgy: Storyline, Visitor Flow, Visitor Journey, Storyline

  9. -Look and Feel: Moodboard, Materialisation

  10. -Form and Design: Design of spatial expression and visual impression

  11. -Structure: Presentation of the content, the functional and architectonic structure

  12. -Visualisations: Illustrations, Renderings, Animations, VR-Tools

  13. -Experience Design: Spatial Partiture, Storyboard, Scenic Description, User Cases, Service Blueprint

  14. -Planning: Development of design-constructive solutions in coordination with customer, consultants, authorities and planners

  15. -Design Quality: Color and material concept, technical description, design and product selection

  16. -Creative Lead: Creative Supervision of the team, Artistic construction supervision, consultation of the customer during the realization

  17. -Strategic Consultation: Support with quantity determination and cost calculations, advice on costs and deadlines

  18. -Documentation: Follow-up of the final plans, preparation of conceptual documents for documentation and presentations


Our clients include institutions, companies and individuals who present themselves to the public.

The orders include:

  1. -Temporary Architectures and Scenographies

  2. -Exhibitions for Institutions and Museums

  3. -Trade Shows and Corporate Environments

  4. -Retail- and Show Rooms

  5. -Theme rooms for leisure facilities and work environments

We tailor a tailor-made team to meet specific tasks and tasks.

For this we rely on our wide network of experts in the planning and realization of exhibitions and buildings

from media designers, graphic artists, sound designers, lighting designers, screenwriters, game designers, product designers, architects, cost planners and project managers.


The creative dialogue is of central importance both in our studio and in discussions with our customers and all those involved in planning. Thereby we learn very quickly the wishes and goals of our customers.

We develop ideas in creative workshops, in dialogue and with sketches. Throughout the development process we can guarantee a direct transfer of knowledge between planners and clients.

Thanks to the diversity of our clients and projects, we can tackle any task and find new solutions.

Diversity is also based on the aspiration to keep an eye on the content-related goal, the specific location and the various users who ultimately decide on the success of the project.


Room For Ideas - Ideas For Rooms

In the studio, we translate ideas, brands and messages into four-dimensional experience spaces.

We translate your advertising, presentation and communication measures into choreographed spaces and fascinating experiences.

In doing so, we use various media that address different senses in a chronological order or at the same time.

Foto © Renate Wernli


Our planning phases are divided into 6 phases and are based on the SIA 102:

Phase 1: Strategic Planning (Creation I Communication I Vision)

In this phase, we capture the wishes of the customer. We develop scenarios and visualize the first ideas.

Phase 2: Preliminary Studies (Concept I Design I Visualisation)

Now the vision is made concrete. In the process, structural and technical solutions are sketched.

Phase 3: Construction (Planning I Materialization I Scheduling I Costing)

With a constant eye on costs, quality and deadlines, the project will be ready for construction.

Phase 4: Construction Tender (List of services I Contract Negotiation I Costs)

During the tender process, all quantities are determined, services are described, contracts are negotiated and contractors are appointed.

Phase 5: Realisation (Production support I Quality controlling I Commissioning)

During the realization phase, the execution plans are created. The plans of the entrepreneurs are checked and approved. To ensure that the project is completed on time and in the desired quality, costs and deadlines are checked until commissioning.

Phase 6: Management (correction of defects in operation and conservation)

After completion and commissioning, we eliminate all defects and document the work. We support the press work and the submission of awards.